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    Teams Rules

    Driver Recruitment

    - All drivers have to be on the password list to be eligible for teams racing.
    - If a teams captain from a current team loses a driver for what ever reason, he/she may recruit a driver from the password list.
    - All recruitments must be lodged with admin and this must be done by a PM to Scrapman
    - There will be no team swapping or recruiting from other teams during the current teams round.
    - All replacements during the season are to be made from the pool of drivers that have not been selected for a team or been in a team for the current round.
    - No driver is to use any Teams car on the servers until their name has been listed in that teams lineup.

    Driver Replacement

    - If a team is down TWO drivers from their normal listed team lineup for a night of racing then the captain must lodge an application to Scrapman for a replacement driver for that meeting. Please do this at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of your racing.
    - Replacement drivers can only race for ONE team MAX per night
    - A maximum of ONE replacement driver will be allowed, even if you do not have four drivers.
    - If you are down to three (or less) drivers and begin racing with a replacement driver, this is the team that you MUST complete the racing with on the night. The absent members of your team may not join part-way through the racing.
    - If a team constantly turns up with low driver numbers, then admin may make the decision to replace team members who are not turning up
    - If a team turns up with 3 drivers come Semi Finals or Finals time, they will not be able to have a replacement, as they have had the whole season to have their team sorted.

    Teams Rules

    1. All drivers will read and understand code of conduct, NO agree, NO racing
    2. All drivers will have TeamSpeak (a microphone is needed). You must be seen and heard on TeamSpeak by the duty member before your racing starts. If you are not seen or heard, you will not be racing, unless notified before racing begins. No one in the server is to still be on TeamSpeak this includes drivers, teambluehats, admin or duty person when racing is underway.
    3. Any competitor unfairly using the pole line or grass to there advantage by placing two or more wheels over the pole line to attack another competitor, to gain an advantage, to help with braking or gain a place will be penalised. Any driver deliberately driving infield as a sanctuary to avoid being hit by an opposing car, or to gain an advantage will be penalised.
    4. All starts will be from a formed grid standing start of 2 rows close to the start finish line. The 2 rows are to be separated by at least ½ a car width between the rows. Poll setter is to set the starting position but must leave adequate room for the car outside of them between them and the wall (at least 1 car width). All gridding up is to be done in an orderly manner, no smashing or bashing when gridding up. Do not smash or ram the car the car in front when coming into line. Poll for the first race is selected by who gets the AI pole starting position and is staggered between the teams for the following races.
    When gridding up you must be bumper to bumper.
    5. Holding of cars on the infield is forbidden although you can push a car to the grass, once they touch it with 3 or more wheels you must break contact with that car and they cannot be held or blocked while returning to the track. The returning car must return behind the car that pushed them to the infield
    6. Any car with 2 wheels on the track is deemed fair game to be hit and deemed to be racing whether stationary or moving.
    7. You must make sure your connection is clean!!!!
    Make sure you have closed everything that uses your internet connection when racing (MSN, TeamSpeak and Emails etc)
    Drivers with more then one computer using the same connection - make sure the other computer is not effecting the connection by shutting it/them down. Any one seen to be using their ghosting/heavy/solid car to their advantage will be disqualified from the racing.
    8. Space barring in any situation is forbidden. (The spacebar command has been removed from the server but if the command is used it may cause lag on the server)
    9. Wall riding is forbidden (using the wall to circulate around the track either with or with out wheel damage).
    10. Hot-dogging, if you are put into the wall and your car resets to the center of the track, you are eliminated from the race and are to pull off onto infield and take no further part.
    11. Drivers must only drive anti-clockwise direction. There is to be no attacking/hitting cars against the flow of the racing. When turning around try to do it with the flow of the traffic. When the track is blocked by the wall or another vehicle you may reverse to clear the obstruction. You are not aloud to reverse down the track to attack or to gain a better position to block or attack.
    12. Any abusive conduct by drivers against other competitors or Bluehats or Admin in the lobby or while racing will be penalised.
    13. All drivers are to ready up quickly in the lobby to keep the racing flowing.


    All Captains are to send a copy of the results of there racing via PM to Teams Co-Ordinator before 6pm on the Thursday after the racing. Any races that the results do not get sent in by a Captain will mean that team scores no points for that nights racing. Please send the finishing order of each race and the total points for each race in your PM.


    Captains have two hours from the start time of their racing to lodge a protest to Teams Co-Ordinator via PM - after that time they will be turned away.
    Only team captains can communicate with admin or Teams Co-Ordinator and anyone creating a scene in the lobby over an offense they are protesting may have their protest thrown out.

    If you plan to post a protest you MUST:
    1. State that it is a protest you are sending and not just making us aware of something
    2. Name of person/car number you are protesting, race number, lap it happened and what happened
    eg: Name, race 3, lap 7, Hit me too hard and I lost control
    3. Include only the replays that are relevant to the protest (please zip or rar these up)

    All protests and replays are to be PM'd to Teams Co-ordinator
    if this does not happen, we will not look at your protest as Teams Co-ordinator does not have the time to watch races when someone says race 1, car3, connection race 2 etc.

    If you have concerns with someone's connection but do not wish to lodge a formal protest you can send a PM or email to Teambluehats with your concerns


    Team captains are to save all replays of all their teams racing, each week. If Teams Co-Ordinator asks for a copy of a replay from any team captain then they must supply a copy of these replays. If no replays are sent when requested, the team will/may face a penalty or loss of points as Teams Co-Ordinator sees fit.

    Note: Admin will only ever ask for replays of the week's racing that has just gone by.

    Connection Issues Protests:

    Unless you can prove in a part of the replay that the connection issues played in favor to the offending driver to gain an advantage then please do not protest

    All team drivers to read and agree before racing please, All captains please check that your team members have signed in before racing

    points will be as follows
    1st= 100 points
    2nd= 40 points
    3rd= 25 points
    4th= 20 points
    5th= 10 points

    Drivers who have read and agreed:


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